Popular Music Songs of the African China Nigerian Musician

African China is the one of the popular musician of the African and Nigerians singing artist and so many people are the lover his music, Chinagorom Onuoha is the born name of this best artist but the world known by the stated name, he is the fantastic stage performer and the song writer along it he is the famous for the genre likes the Dancehall, Hiphop, Reggae and R & B is the famous style which perform he.

Before two year (2013) African China has defence majorly financial problem due to the not sold the targeted numbers of the copy of the his music album title by the “Body Dey Do Me” he put the 5000 copies in the market or the music distributors but they are not enthusiastically try and it not sold the quick the first targeted copies for this albums he seriously experience the troubling face this the bad times for his music career.

For this albums he invest the his own money but unfortunately the immature and irresponsible attitude of the distributer are the seriously major reasons for not reach to the large numbers of the crowd of his music listeners, otherwise this albums songs are really up to the level, this albums has the full of the top Dancehall and the Reggae and the 12 tracks in it, more than the half of the Download African China Songs of this albums download in the larger numbers.

In Jan 01, 2005, he realised the album title under the “Mr President” this albums is very hit in the listener and his work in the albums are get the praise by the musical criticised of the music industries and the numbers of the time watching and Download African China Music albums through the musical sites likes the YouTube and tooexclusive, this album make his niche in the industries and top Reggae is the soul of the albums.

His ever popular albums is the “The Return of the Legend” is the top in the place in the industries, this albums is the consisted the 12 tracks in it along it is full of the top class style of the Reggae and the Dancehall, the thousands in numbers of time Download African China Songs of this album, the ‘Political Thieves’ is the very much popular songs of this recorder. The songs ‘Sweet Reggae Music’ and the ‘If you love somebody’ are also the very popular songs of this mind-blowing album.

When we are looking the his first musical recorder of his professional career that it is the “Crisis” and it released in the 2003, this recorder has the 11 tracks and recorder under the Global disk music limited, the title song ‘Crisis’ is the hit and reached the highest peaks of the popularity and this work is induced the audience to looked him and also the other personality of the industries.


African China – Nigerian songs download

In African countries specially western African countries likes Nigeria or Ghana have multicultures of these countries peoples they are loving the modern types of musics, so the in Nigeria or Ghana many young musician or singers are evaluating the music styles and they are composite the other music style with their local musics.

When you are looking the list of top Raggae artist of Nigeria then you definitely find the one name as African China yes he is energetic and marvels of the style of Ragga and best stage performers. The lots of Download African China Songs from the reputed website like YouTube or Internet. He is the best singer and always hard worker singers, he always tries to make new or better than previous works.

African China is the nick name of this Nigerian artist but his original name is Chinagorom Onuoha, these young and talented singers are born in slums of Orile, South eastern Parts of the Nigeria. Just 18 years age he came in the music profession. However his professional singeing carrier began in 1999 after 3 years working in the music fields.

The most popular Download African China Music albums “crises” isthe first music album of his professional music carriers, which released in the 2003, this album has 11 tracks and title song ‘Crises’ are the most popular song of this album, which make him a popular singer of the Nigerian.

Unfortunately, his “Body Dey Do Me” flop albums make his victims of the bankruptcy in the year of 2011. Actually this album hasn’t gotproper markets and experience huge economical lost and this time is the bad times of his carriers.
African China is the awesome performer of the Nigerian Ragga and the best in this particular style, his second albums “Mr President” is taking him higher in positions which release of the 2013, this music album is many times Download by the internets. The Title songs of the ‘Mr. President ‘is most Downloaded African China Music among other song on the albums.

The other Music album title “The Return of the Legend” is also release in the 2013, this album consists of the 12 tracks and 53:20 minutes longer. The few famous songs like ‘Sweet Reggae Music’ or ‘If you Love Somebody’ are the top songs of the album.

In African countries the many types are popular genera are used in their music like Hip hop, reggae, High life, Azonta and so on. Every young Nigerian or Ghananian Musician or singer effectively uses in their musics or live performance for the entertainment their musics lovers and the African China is very effectively use the Saggae so itcalls as a next Saggae super star. He is creative singer and song writers. He is known for the his rebelling songs. He is young musician which inspired to the new musician to thinks new he always believe to give better and better entertainment to music lovers.